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Reckless Embrace

Reckless Embrace


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Description for RECKLESS EMBRACE by Madeline Baker:


Some folks said they were just two kids who should never have met--a girl from the wrong side of town and a half-breed who was determined to make his mark on the world. Their families had fought on opposite sides at the Little Big Horn; there could be no future for them in a little Western town where time passed slowly and memories were long.

But when Black Owl looked at Joey he saw not a pretty tomboy in faded denim, but the most beautiful girl in the world. And when she pressed her lips to his, she wasn't making the biggest mistake of her life, as her gran claimed; she was finding her way home. In each other's arms, they found a safe haven from a world where hatred and ugliness could only be conquered by the deep, abiding power of courageous love.

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