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Relax, This Won't Hurt

Relax, This Won't Hurt


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Description for RELAX, THIS WON'T HURT: PAINLESS ANSWERS TO WOMEN'S MOST PRESSING HEALTH QUESTIONS by Judith Reichman, M.D. with foreword by Dr. Laura Schlessinger:

RELAX, THIS WON'T HURT is the ultimate answer for any woman who's ever wished she could spend unlimited time quizzing her doctor during a routine office visit. What's the ideal contraceptive for me? How can I make sure I don't have cancer? What can I do about cramps and PMS? What should I do if I have problems getting pregnant? What do all those lab test reports mean to me? Should I take estrogen?Just as she does as a regular on NBC-TV's Today show, Dr. Judith Reichman, in her distinctive humorous and down-to-earth fashion, offers understandable answers to the questions women are too shy or too rushed to ask their own doctors. Readers will feel as though they have had a private consultation with this exceptional physician. Based on the latest research findings the book comprehensively covers below-the-belt health and beyond, including mental health issues and more. Plus: the latest on genetics and health, which medical tests to have, and a top ten list of ways women can take care of themselves.

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