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Remember Me, Irene

Remember Me, Irene


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Description for REMEMBER ME, IRENE by Jan Burke:


In an unsettling encounter on the streets of Las Piernas, newspaper reporter Irene Kelly fails to recognize the homeless man who, without a trace of irony, declares, "I'm not who I used to be." Only later does Irene realize that the man had once been her favorite instructor back in college--Lucas Monroe, a gifted young academic who looked as if he had a. brilliant future.

Irene receives word that Lucas needs her help, but he's gone missing. Now his name keeps coming up in association with charges of blackmail and homicide. Irene wants to know more. Unfortunately, no one is willing to talk. Then she stumbles upon a dead body and runs headlong into a parade of suspects whose dirty deals have made a lot of people very rich and very guilty.

This is #4 in An Irene Kelly Novel.

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