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Restoring The American Dream

Restoring The American Dream


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Description for RESTORING THE AMERICAN DREAM by Robert J Ringer with a foreword by William E Simon:

In RESTORING THE AMERICAN DREAM, Robert Ringer, two-time #1 bestselling author, emerges as the most important spokesman of our time for the cause of individual liberty. In bold contrast to our evolution into a socialistic nation---a nation in which Big Government continues to take greater control over our lives each day---the underlying premise of this book is that each person is the sole owner of his own life and that he therefore has the right to do anything he wishes with that lie, so long as he does not forcibly interfere with the same rights of others.

At a time when people are pushed to the breaking point by exorbitant taxation, frustrated by the hopelessness of trying to keep pace with inflation, deeply concerned about a seemingly mysterious energy crisis, and stifled at every turn by ever-increasing government regulations over their personal lives. Ringer delivers exactly what is needed---in two ways.

First, he explains the true causes of these and scores of other government-related problems in a manner that never before has been achieved; in many instances, the author's explanations consist of virtually the opposite of what people have been led to believe by government intellectuals and the media. Second, he details "specific" solutions that not only can put the reader on the right track, but which ultimately could lead to a restoration of the American Dream for the country as a whole.

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