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Description for RESURRECTION by Arwen Elys Dayton:

2600 BC

The Champion was the first ship built by the Kinley race capable of traveling faster than the speed of li t. Its mission was to explore Earth--a tiny blue pla et light-years from their home world of Herrod. But he Champion's first mission would also be its last....

Present Day

Almost five thousand years ago, the Kinley v ere nearly wiped out by a warlike race called the Lucien. For five millennia they rebuilt their world from the ground up. But there is a new threat from the ancient enemy--a plan to finish the job they started long ago. Facing extinction, the Kinley hold out hope that the technology that once enabled them to cross galaxies in the blink of an eye--technology long lost--might allow them to outrun their enemies and find a new world to call their own. Their future rests with a young soldier called Pruit, who must make the long trip to Earth--where a last, desperate message from The Champion originated in the time of the Pharaohs....

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