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Rice In The Storm

Rice In The Storm


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Description for RICE IN THE STORM: FAITH IN STRUGGLE IN THE PHILLIPPINES by Rebecca Asedillo and B David Willams, editors:

From the age of the Spanish "conquistadores" to the post-Marcos era, the Filipino people have struggled for justice and freedom. Their sacrifices and hopes are similar to those of other poor Asian populations. Yet the Philippines is also Asia's only predominantly Christian nation. Its churches are bound into the wee of dependencies and influences that shapes the complex reality of the Philippines today.

RICE IN THE STORM traces the growth of the church in the Philippines against the background of Philippine history. Writing from their own experience, Filipino church leaders show how an ecumenical "church of the poor" confronts the injustices faced by the majority of the Filipino people. They issue a theological challenge as well, exploring the biblical concept of "shalom" and its deep implications for politics, economics and development.

This passionate message to North American church people urges us to recognize how the policies of our nations, particularly those of the United States, continue to affect the lives of Filipinos---indeed, how "our own liberation if bound up with theirs." It is the editor's hope that readers will not only come to know a gifted and faithful people but will also discover ways to translate Christian concern into action on behalf of the Philippines at a time when justice and peace in that nation seem as elusive as ever.

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