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Ring Around My Heart

Ring Around My Heart


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Description for RING AROUND MY HEART by Pat White:

Alexandra Hayes couldn't decide which she hated more: the skintight silver lame shorts encasing the powerful thighs of the hulking wrestler who stood before her, or the pink heart that stretched across his firm buns. Loverboy Luke needed an image makeover, all right. And she desperately needed this job. But how would she possibly turn the sport's biggest badboy into the hero the league craved? Especially when looking at his bare chest made her want to take him down on the mats herself.

Luke prided himself on his reputation of sweeping women off their feet and giving them a night to remember. His appearance was his armor, protecting him from the pain of his past. Lately, though, whenever he looked into the amber eyes of his new publicist, his concentration went from headlocks to liplocks, from the wrestling ring to a ring that could really change his life--for Alexandra was taking an unbreakable hold on his heart.

This is #2 in Ringside Series.

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