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Risky Business

Risky Business


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Description for RISKY BUSINESS by Suzanne MacPherson:

Thirty Days ...

That's how long Tom Riley is supposed to keep beautiful Marla Meyers from falling on her heavily insured face. But how on earth is he supposed to look after -- but not touch -- a drop-dead gorgeous dame like this one? She may be easy on the eyes, but she's not easy to keep an eye on -- instead of sauntering down the runway, Marla's flying off of her high-heeled shoes. Let's face it, Marla Meyers is a klutz!

... And Thirty Nights

It's a mystery to Marla why she's falling head over heals for a rough-around-the-edges guy like Tom Riley. He says he's out to protect her, but it's quickly becoming clear to Marla that she's going to have to protect herself from his tempting charms. And when the threat of real danger throws Marla into Tom's waiting arms, she has to summon every bit of strength to keep their business from turning into high-risk passion.

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