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River God

River God


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Description for RIVER GOD by Wilbur Smith:

Ancient Egypt, Land of the Pharaohs. A kingdom built on gold. A legend shattered by greed...

Now the Valley of the Kings lies ravaged by civil war, drained of its lifeblood, as weak men inherit the cherished crown.

For Tanus, the fair-haired young lion of a warrior, the gods have decreed that he will lead Egypt's army in a bold attempt to reunite the Kingdom's shattered halves. But Tanus will have to defy the same gods to attain the reward they have forbidden him, an object more prized than battle's glory: possession of the Lady Lostris, a rare beauty with skin the color of oiled cedar--destined for the adoration of a nation, and the love of one extraordinary man.

This is #1 in Ancient Egypt Series.

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