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Rulers Of Darkness

Rulers Of Darkness

Author: Steven Spruill

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 341

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Description for RULERS OF DARKNESS by Steven Spruill:

A Cop And A Killer... Midnight. A brutal windstorm assaults the nation's capital. At the historic Washington Cathedral, police find a grisly scene. A woman lies murdered, her throat human teeth. Other victims immediately follow - each dying in the same gruesome fashion.

Divided By Good And Evil... Enter Dr. Katherine O'Keefe and her ex-lover, Detective Merrick Chapman - both assigned to track down the 'vampire' killer. Feverishly working to solve the case, they discover a bizarre abnormality in the killer's blood - it's cells refuse to die. The man is a hemophage - stricken with a rare disease whereby the blood genetically craves infusions of fresh blood. It is a condition Merrick knows all too well - because he has it too. And as O'Keefe and Chapman draw closer to the killer, they may find a truth more horrific than the murders themselves.

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