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Rumpole On Trial

Rumpole On Trial


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Description for RUMPOLE ON TRIAL by John Mortimer:

The most beloved barrister ever to sway a jury - or savor a claret - is back on the case. With his passion for Wordsworth, his kindly disposition toward the underdog, and a nose that is equally sensitive to the whiff of wrongdoing and the bouquet of a Chateau Thames Embankment, the disheveled Horace Rumpole has become, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, 'one of the immortals of mystery fiction.' This sparkling collection of seven new stories finds our hero taking on devil worshipers and the unfamiliar Juvenile Court; fending off the advances of a mysterious young woman seeking a barrister to defend her husband for a murder not yet committed; and facing the Disciplinary Committee of the Bar Council when his courtroom tactics finally go too far. Ingeniously plotted, irresistibly witty, Rumpole on Trial is a cause for celebration.

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