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Savage Dawn

Savage Dawn

Author: Cassie Edwards

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 294

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Description for SAVAGE DAWN by Cassie Edwards:

The Great Spirit Would Guide Him

When the first signs of smallpox appeared on his powerful body, Eagle Wolf set out into the mountains so the dreaded disease of the White Eyes would not spread to his Owl Clan. He was completely alone until he spotted a fiery redhead galloping by on the plains below. In his feverish delirium she appeared again, her glorious hair swirling like flames around a face of mystical beauty. Then out of his dreams she walked, straight into his arms.

Nicole Tyler was fleeing the ruin of her parents' home, desperate to escape the bigamist who was determined to have her for his third wife. When she came upon the fever-wracked Navaho, she knew she must do all she could to save his life. But she never imagined that once she did, he would initiate her into all the wild pleasures of the endless night, then awaken her to love in the... SAVAGE DAWN

This is #35 in Savage Series.

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