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Savage Flames

Savage Flames

Author: Cassie Edwards

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: 288


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Description for SAVAGE FLAMES by Cassie Edwards:

Legendary Predator

It was said to guard Mystic Island, deep in the Florida swamps, where an elusive tribe of Seminole hid from the soldiers trying to force them onto the reservation: a snow-white panther with emerald eyes. To her astonishment, Lavinia Price had caught a glimpse of the magnificent beast, perched in a massive live oak, where herons and pelicans shadowed the bright blue sky. But in the next instant her bewildered eyes beheld in its place a handsome Indian with flowing black hair and piercing green eyes. Was either vision real?

Helpless Prey

Stunned by the murder of her husband, terrified by the disappearance of her daughter, Lavinia ventured alone into the Everglades, braving its twisting waterways and the dangerous creatures that lurked within. But instead of death, she found life--a peaceful village and a man who vowed to keep her safe at any cost. In Wolf Dancer's arms she would know love at last, learning the mysteries of the white panther and discovering a passion as hot as... SAVAGE FLAMES

This is #32 in Savage Series.

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