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Savage Shadows

Savage Shadows

Author: Cassie Edwards

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 396

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Description for SAVAGE SHADOWS by Cassie Edwards:

All her life, Jae lived in the mysterious region of Texas known as the Big Thicket. And even though the wild land was full of ferocious animals and deadly outlaws, the ebon-haired beauty never feared for her safety. After all, she could outshoot, outhunt and outwit most any man in the territory.

Then a rugged rancher came to take Jae to a home and a father she had never known, and she was alarmed by the dangerous desires he roused in her innocent heart. Half Comanche, half white and all man, the hard-bodied stranger threatened Jae's peace of mind even when she held him at gunpoint. Soon, she had to choose between escaping deeper into the dark recesses of the untamed forest...or surrender to the secrets of passionate ecstasy in the...SAVAGE SHADOWS.

This is #11 in Savage Series.

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