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Scandalgate: Exposing America's Moral Deficit Disorder

Scandalgate: Exposing America's Moral Deficit Disorder


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" 'We the people" don't elect our presidents to be our moral leaders. We'd probably give the president low marks in the morals department, but then we don't see him as our moral leader. He was elected to run the country. We'll worry about our morals ourselves, than you very much."

This quote fro "USA Today" sums up the attitude of many Americans concerning the "private life" of President Clinton. In SCANDALGATE: EXPOSING AMERICA'S MORAL DEFICIT DISORDER, Kenneth Brown examines what causes us to give our leaders an accountability "pass" on issues involving morality. He shows that the morality of our leadership is a mirror image of the morality and virtues of "we the people." In fact it is actually the amoral precept of our postmodern culture that is the issue---that a person's private conduct doesn't shape his conduct in public office.

Whether Clinton ever faces a trial in a court of law or in Congress over the Lewinsky/Willey/Jones affairs, one this is indisputable; The American people have been willing to serve as the president's co-conspirators in his role as First Sex Addict. The line of reasoning is "If 'we the people' tolerated this behavior in former presidents, how can we confront this president on the same issue?"

Are "we the people" content to have a president with a low moral aptitude? If the president of the United States is guilty of using women and then trashing them, should he be allowed to get away with this? If President Clinton has taken his inspiration from John Kennedy's example what will future presidents be like?

This insightful expose powerfully, logically, and thoroughly takes you through the whole affair and leads you to draw some disturbing conclusions about the moral decline of our great nations.

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