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Science Fiction Monsters

Science Fiction Monsters

Author: A E Van Vogt

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Acceptable

Pages: 154

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Description for SCIENCE FICTION MONSTERS by A E Van Vogt and edited and with an introduction by Forrest J Ackerman:


Prepare to have your flesh crawl with terror

**********your heart pound with fear

**********your eyes grow side in horror

as a host of hideous things---some hairy, some finned, some scaly, some metal (and some so strange they cannot be described in any Earth language!)--crowd in on you in the darkness of the night.  Ordinarily these creatures lurk in hidden places of other planets, other dimensions, other time tracks.  But they all come to frightening life in the wondrous pages of this hair-raising science-fiction collection.

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