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Scream In Silence

Scream In Silence


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Description for SCREAM IN SILENCE by Eleanor Taylor Bland:

Beloved for both her complex mysteries and her fascinating main character, African-American female cop Marti MacAlister, Eleanor Taylor Bland is "one of today's most talented mystery writers" (Booklist).

Now Marti is newly married, juggling domestic bliss and a blended family, when an arsonist/bomber shatters the peace of their sleepy Chicago suburb. Suddenly Marti and her partner Matthew "Vik" Jessenovik are working overtime investigating a series of crimes that appear victimless-until a woman's charred body is discovered in the smoking ruins of a vacant house. There's no time to lose as they race to find a sociopath who has them in his sights-as he graduates from backlot blazes to wholesale homicide, in search of the ultimate thrill...

AUTHORBIO: ELEANOR TAYLOR BLAND is the author of seven previous mysteries featuring Marti MacAlister.She lives in Waukegan, Illinois.

This is #8 in A Marti MacAlister Mystery series.

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