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Second Wives

Second Wives


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Description for SECOND WIVES by Cindy Blake:

With the early loss of both their younger brother and their mother, the Preston sisters have spent most of their lives haunted by tragedy. But Meg, Beth, Amy, and Leonora are determined to find happiness. Meg and Amy, second wives grappling with their husbands' first wives, their alimony payments, and their children, don't want their youngest sister Leo to make the same mistakes they did. Leo, hopelessly in love with a married man nearly twice her age, doesn't seem to be listening. And Beth, a single therapist, thinks they're all crazy for bothering with relationships at all.

Then Leo's romance turns from difficult to downright dangerous--and her three older sisters must come to her aid. But as they confront the threats of the present, shocking family secrets come to light. And the Preston sisters must decide if they will let the past rule their lives--or find the courage to build a new future out of love and forgiveness...

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