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Secrets Dark And Deep

Secrets Dark And Deep


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Description for SECRETS DARK AND DEEP by Anne White:


Fall has arrived in the beautiful Lake George resort town of Emerald Point--and with it comes a murder mystery as old as a deadly secret. Mayor Loren Graham is pulled into the tangled mess, despite the local sheriff's orders to stick to politics, when a neighbor drags her to the ruins of an old home, where a woman's skeleton lies half-buried.

Local residents, including a newly returned travel writer who left town amidst scandal many years before, and Loren's own reclusive neighbor, understand the significance of the body--identified as a college girl who disappeared twenty-five years earlier. Soon Loren is pulled into the dark past...and the haunting present, where a killer waits to strike. Because some secrets are still worth killing for--and, worse, Loren is about to discover why.

This is #4 in A Lake George Mystery.

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