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Secrets Of A Good Girl

Secrets Of A Good Girl


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Description for SECRETS OF A GOOD GIRL by Jen Safrey:

Saunders sound-off. Where are they now? Saunders University keeps track of its notable alumni.

Cassidy Maxwell... At Saunders, Cassidy had it all: brains, beauty and the attention of every man on campus -- including the secret crush who was also a professor! Now she's living the glamorous life in jolly old England as the U.S. Ambassador's right-hand woman. We just wonder where she disappeared to at the end of senior year...

Eric Barnes... When brilliant Eric Barnes left Saunders, he didn't let a lost love get in the way of a successful career. But he's never been able to fully shed the memory of the only woman who'd captured his heart. Maybe it's time to travel across the world to rediscover her....

This is Silhouette Special Edition #1719.

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