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Seize The Dawn

Seize The Dawn


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Description for SEIZE THE DAWN by Shannon Drake:

A grand passion and spellbinding adventure in a shimmering epic of Scotland's tempestuous past...

Bold and beautiful, Lady Eleanor of Clarin--sole heir to her ancestral lands--chooses to marry an aging French noble rather than Edward I's choice of a brutal knight. To preserve Clarin and defeat the rebellious Scots who killed her father, she would gladly give her hand to the devil himself.

But when the fiery Highland outlaw Brendan Graham takes her hostage, he also inspires her deepest desires. Now, as Eleanor is swept away from her beloved land and into an arranged marriage, she will be surrounded by treachery and accused of murder. Only one man can rescue her from the torture and death that lie ahead. The man who should remain her greatest enemy... yet holds her heart--and her very life--in his hands.

This is #3 in The Graham Series.

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