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Senses Working Overtime

Senses Working Overtime


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Description for SENSES WORKING OVERTIME by Naomi Nash:


Kaylee started her day on shaky footing. Now she's on the edge of catastrophe. To help a friend, she cut summer school and ventured solo into New York City, just in time for the decade's worst blackout. To make matters worse she has synesthesia---the connections in her brain are messed up, so she can't trust her senses. She couldn't be more in the dark.

Closing her eyes, Kaylee makes a leap of faith. She decides to follow Ramon, the dangerous-looking boy whose voice smells like honeysuckle. But that's just the start. She still has to run the world's longest obstacle course. To beat her father home, she has seven hours to overcome crowds, chaos, carjackers, a relentless stalker...and an intense attraction to a boy who should be wrong but feels so right.

The clock's ticking...

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