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Served Cold

Served Cold


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Description for SERVED COLD by Ed Goldberg:

ED GOLDBERG IS: Raymond Chandler if he was funny, Robert B. Parker if he was Jewish, Kinky Friedman if he wrote about food, Dick Francis if he was from the Lower East Side, John D. MacDonald if he was alive!

Meet Lenny Schneider, who calls himself "the Hebrew gumshoe, the Shylock of Sherlocks." He gets his hot dogs from the cart and his jazz from bars. He likes his jobs clean and muscle-free--serving papers, watching buildings, and trying to stay awake. But when he's hired to prevent an aging Jewish Holocaust survivor from killing his former prison camp guard, music and food take a backseat to danger. The good guys get bad, the bad guys get worse--and Schneider is bait in a madcap scheme that could only be masterminded by old men. Not Jewish enough for one side, too Jewish for the other, Schneider is captured, tortured, and made to watch Old Yeller...

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