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Set Up With The Agent

Set Up With The Agent


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Description for SET UP WITH THE AGENT by Lori L Harris:


Mark Gerritsen was the type of man who defied expectations. Tall, dark and handsome--he was also one of the finest counterterrorism experts in the nation. The kind of guy whose presence made grown women feel foolish. Even a no-nonsense agent like Beth Benedict wished that she'd put on lipstick that first morning they'd met....

Beth knew guys like Mark didn't exist, yet there he was, assigned to watch over her every inch. Better yet, he had a proposition. A biological weapon was in play, and he needed Beth to lure out the man that possessed it. Only Mark could give her the action she craved, and he promised to see that she came out unscathed. How could Beth say no, when this man was turning out to be so much more than she ever expected?

This is Harlequin Intrigue #1045, February 2008. This is the Larger Print version.

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