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Sex And The Psychic Witch

Sex And The Psychic Witch


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Description for SEX AND THE PSYCHIC WITCH by Annette Blair:

Introducing the Cartwright sisters--Harmony, Destiny, and Storm--triplets and unstoppable psychic seductresses...

She could touch the past... As the buyer for her sister's vintage curio shop, Harmony finds her job a challenge, since she has the ability to read objects and learn things about their former owners--even their deepest, darkest secrets. Now, a Celtic ring depicting a man's empty embrace has led her to the Paxton castle on the coast of Salem, Massachusetts.

He needed her presence... King Paxton has inherited a haunted money pit of a castle. He must get rid of it before he's cursed with the same bad luck that has plagued his family for generations. But out of nowhere, a leggy blonde walks in and stops construction, insisting that a witch haunts the place. What Harmony finds is an angry ghost, a disgruntled renovation crew, and a man who could use a harmonic convergence...

This is #2 in The Cartwright Sisters Series.

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