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Shadows On The Mirror

Shadows On The Mirror


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Description for SHADOWS ON THE MIRROR by Frances Fyfield:

In her third critically acclaimed crime novel, Edgar Award nominee Frances Fyfield has created a wonderfully complex and fascinating new heroine, Sarah Fortune. A lawyer in a prestigious Mayfair firm, she loathes her dry profession and leads a most unconventional private life. Providing generous and intimate friendship to lonely men--like fellow outcast Malcolm Cook, a huge, vulnerable prosecutor--Sarah fills some of the emptiness inside herself.

Keenly happy with her independence, Sarah is repelled by the aggressive court-ship of wealthy Charles Tysall. Little does she suspect the bizarre connection she will soon have with a decayed body found off England's eastern coast. Then, amidst the glitter of a Gray's Inn ball, her red hair is an easy beacon for a ruthless pursuer...

As Malcolm Cook reaches for his newly-found dream, a dedicated detective tracks his quarry; a respected lawyer flees to a series of anonymous pubs; and the threads of rage and passion begin to merge. Inexorably, Sarah Fortune is heading toward a confrontation where there will be no escape from the shadows, no turning from the face of murderous madness...

This #1 in Sarah Fortune Series.

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