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Description of SHAKEDOWN by Paul Malone:


The endless war on drugs continues, fought in the streets and in the courts, against the narco barons and back-alley pushers. Committed to making the traffickers pay the price, Miami-based DEA maverick Jack Fowler puts his life on the line, taking on a ruthless, violent enemy and a legal system that often conspires against justice.


Jack Fowler puts the Squeeze on the streets and picks up the first link in a heavy new cocaine network. Unable to secure solid evidence to make the stateside connection stick, Fowler follows the thin white line to Jamaica's tourist paradise. Posing as a dealer, he links up with the ranking supplier and his army of cutthroats. But the mission explodes in his face when his cover is blown, and he becomes the cartel's "most wanted." Alone in a jungle of cops on the take, Fowler is doing a slow burn in the deadly heat of enemy fire.

This is #3 in Jack Fowler series.

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