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Shall We Dance?

Shall We Dance?


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Description for SHALL WE DANCE? by Judith A Lansdowne:

Perhaps His Birthright Was Questionable...

Josiah Elliot had undertaken some remarkable pursuits in his time, but his courtship of Lady Miranda Wesley was by far the most scandalous. What business had a poverty-stricken reformed highwayman, now working as a valet, with a noblewoman? None, to be quite precise. But love was the most illogical of emotions--and Josiah could claim a pedigree linking him to an ancient dukedom. If only he could find the blasted evidence...

But His Appeal Was Undeniable

Formidably independent--and not a little bit impatient--Miranda had had enough of waiting. What if the man you loved had disappeared into London without so much as a by-your-leave, she longed to ask anyone who cared to listen. The fact that Josiah was considered a ne'er-do-well was beside the point entirely. Whatever questions society had about his past, she cared not a whit for the answers. If only she could find the irksome man...

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