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Sharing The Darkness

Sharing The Darkness


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Description for SHARING THE DARKNESS by Marilyn Tracy:


TEO SANDOVAL - His unearthly power caused storms to rage and lightning to tear across the sky. Tall, dark and brooding, he was called the devil's spawn by some. His laughter had no humor, and conjured images of smkoke and fire. He wanted nothing to do with society. Until one night Melanie Daniels swept into his life, pleading for his help... MELANIE DANIELS - Desperate. Scared. Fleeing from unscrupulous scientists who wanted to control her son's telekinetic abilities. She would no anything to save her baby - even if it meant seeking out the compelling man whose caresses unleashed a dark yearning within her. Even if it meant becoming the devil's woman...

This is Dreamscapes Whispers Of Love.

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