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Description for SHATTERED by Karen Robards:

The past is never over. It just gets dusty.

Lisa Grant was a rising star in a prestigious Boston law firm; that is, until the firm went bankrupt and she lost her job. With an ailing mother to care for, Lisa takes the first position she can find: research assistant to District Attorney Scott Buchanan in Lexington, Kentucky. Scott is as disagreeable as he is sexy, and Lisa suspects the only reason she got the job is because of Scott's fondness for her mother who treated him well when he helped on the Grants' large horse farm while Lisa was growing up.

While reviewing cold cases in the Fayette County courthouse, a particularly thick manila envelope draws Lisa's attention. The details of the case are engrossing: an entire family--father, mother, and two children--disappeared more than twenty-eight years ago. Except that's not all. The mother in the family photo could have been Lisa's twin. Before Lisa can learn more, a series of catastrophes strike close to home. Lisa confides in Scott, and their relationship develops into something completely different. Together Lisa and Scott unravel a terrifying web of criminal connections that could destroy the very fabric of Lisa's life--if she lives long enough, that is.

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