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Shelter From The Storm

Shelter From The Storm


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Description for SHELTER FROM THE STORM by Peggy J Herring:

Nora Fleming made a pact with her brother, Greg, agreeing to never place their parents in a nursing home as long as the siblings could still take care of them. Nora’s mother, Opal, has reached the point where she can no longer take care of herself and Nora agrees to leave her job as an ER nurse to stay with her mother. Her plan to just help keep up with the everyday needs of the farm is lost when she discovers the Fleming Farm as well as the family’s sprawling farm house is in bad need of repair.

Nora hires Darcy, her long lost love from high school, to help her repair a few windmills. Darcy was sent to live with an aunt and uncle in North Texas when their daring relationship had been discovered in their senior year. As Nora reconnects with her mother, her brother Greg and her niece, Holly, she begins to realize how much she loves living at the farm.

SHELTER FROM THE STORM is a story about family and getting reacquanted with one’s past. Sometimes you don’t appreciate what you have until you almost lose it.

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