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Shocking Behavior

Shocking Behavior


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Description for SHOCKING BEHAVIOR by Jennifer Archer:


J.T. Drake had always felt he paled in comparison to his father's outrageous inventions. But with the fateful push of a button, one of the professor's madcap gadgets not only knocked him off his feet--it actually rendered him invisible.

Roselyn Peabody's electrifying caress aroused him from his stupor. The beautiful scientist claimed his tingling nerve endings were just a result of his unique state, but J.T. knew sparks of attraction when he felt them. And while Rosy promised to help him regain his image, J.T. plotted to dazzle her with his sex appeal. His plan was as transparent as his body, his tactics--involving many a compromising position--as blatant as the shocks that flew whenever they touched. Only one question remained: When J.T. finally materialized, would their sizzling chemistry disappear or reveal itself as true love?

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