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Show Business Kills

Show Business Kills


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Description for SHOW BUSINESS KILLS by Iris Rainer Dart:

Soap opera star Jan is nearing fifty and considering a face-lift. Ellen fought her way to the top of a Hollywood studio only to face menopause jokes from her male colleagues. Rose, a screenwriter, is finding it tough to pitch stories to executives young enough to be her kids. And Marly, whose bikini-clad figure once adorned commercials, now appears on TV proclaiming "My doctor told me ...Mylanta." They're four friends whose drug of choice is estrogen--and who are struggling to make it in youth-conscious Hollywood where forty-something women get squeezed out. Here their tradition of a "Girls' Night" allows them to keep their sanity. But when a stalker strikes, they'll need "Girls' Night"--and all their time-acquired wisdom--to keep them alive....

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