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Silent Doomsday

Silent Doomsday


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Description for SILENT DOOMSDAY by Robert Payton Moore:

The U.S. military has developed a new technology so effective, so perf ect, it would render modern weapons of destruction useless. Mankind's dream wo uld finally come true--world peace. But the dream turns deadly when a mole in the research lab leaks the technology to a Libyan despot with dreams of his ow n--dreams of power, dreams of a unified Middle East under his iron rule, with no country able to stand between him and his ultimate goal. A Navy Captain and woman scientist team to prevent stolen technology from being used to paralyze the U.S. They battle the bad guys from the halls of the Pentagon to the skies of North Africa and fall in love along the way. The book has strong women characters and issues which women readers will enjoy.

Action Excerpt: "A Desperate Maneuver"

Mike deployed the air brakes and brought the Harrier to a hover. He rotated the craft, and as he expected, the Foxbat was screaming down on him behind a missile. Mike couldn't see the missile itself, but he could see its bright exhaust plume. Mike didn't know whether it was possible to shoot down an air-to-air missile with a gun, but he was going to try.

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