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Silent Witness

Silent Witness


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Description for SILENT WITNESS by Margaret Yorke:

A dead body, frozen stiff and propped in the chairlift, descends through the falling snow to the tiny ski station of Greutz in the Austrian Alps.

A young bride is almost killed in a skiing accident after her skis are tampered with.

Fiona, the glamorous operator of the village discotheque, is obviously badly frightened and fails to show up for work one evening.

Gretuz is cut off from the outside world by bad weather and the threat of avalanche. The holiday atmosphere quickly dissipates. Fear and mounting tension take over. Then Dr. Patrick Grant, on a mid-term vacation from his Oxford college, puts his brain to work. His detection leads to the uncovering of international intrigue---and death.

The story quietly, tersely builds up to unbearable suspense and a totally unexpected ending.

This is #2 in A Patrick Grant Mystery.

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