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Sister Beneath The Sheet

Sister Beneath The Sheet


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Description for SISTER BENEATH THE SHEET by Gillian Linscott:

It is springtime in Biarritz - and playtime for Edwardian Society. But that fast and fashionable world is suddenly shaken by the suicide of a high-class prostitute, and by the extraordinary contents of her will. Topaz Brown, hostess to royalty, rakes and roues, has left her considerable fortune to to the suffragette movement.

Nell Bray, committed suffragette but no stranger to Society, is sent to Biarritz to collect the money, and gets rather more than she bargained for. Plunged into the mystery surrounding Topaz's death, she soon finds herself drawn through the tawdry slums and elegant boulevards of Biarritz on the trail of a murderer - and thwarted at every turn by a high class courtesan, a respectable maid, a British MP and a fellow-suffragette with murder on her mind and a gun in her bag...

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