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Sixteen Candles

Sixteen Candles


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Description for SIXTEEN CANDLES by Tia Williams:

First-day-of-school buzz? So over! It?ÇÖs the end of September, and the spotlight-loving, drama-obsessed It Chicks?ÇÖ lives are getting juicier by the second.

With Skye getting ready for her very own ?ǣMy Super Sweet Sixteen?ǥ episode on MTV, she?ÇÖs finally back in the center of attention?Çöand she and Tangie are back to BFF status. Meanwhile, when Tangie least expects it, her secret fling with senior stud Trey Stevens takes a turn that leaves everyone wondering if true players really can have a change of heart. But will Skye?ÇÖs jealousy get the best of her when Tangie?ÇÖs love life takes center stage? And how long can CJ keep quiet before Izzy spills the secret that?ÇÖll change Tangie?ÇÖs life forever?

This time around, Tangie?ÇÖs friendship drama takes a back seat to her romance?Çöcan they handle the heat?

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