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Skulls Of Sedona

Skulls Of Sedona


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Description for SKULLS OF SEDONA by J R Ripley:

Bad Karma

Tony Kozol--ex-lawyer, ex-restaurateur, now struggling musician and amateur sleuth--heads for a New Age convention in Sedona, Arizona, to play guitar at the request of an old college friend, a New Age music guru. But when his buddy is found sitting at his piano dead from the crushing weight of the piano lid--Tony finds himself investigating a murder.

It appears that most of the enthusiasts at the Crystal Magic of the Skulls Conference are harmony-challenged. Adding to the negative aura, the stars of the conference, Magdalena and Azultican--crystal skulls believed to be the emissaries of an ancient and superior race--are stolen. As Tony begins to dig the scene, he experiences some good vibes with a sexy devotee, but discovers a dead body in a hot tub and a clever killer preparing to realign his chakras--in the cold, hard ground.

This is #2 in A Tony Kozol Mystery.

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