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Sky Killers

Sky Killers


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Description for SKY KILLERS by Don Pendleton:


Stony Man monitors threats to the free world--and delivers swift action when crisis strikes. Deep inside the compound's war room, an elite group of warriors engages in state-of-the-art cyber battle--while the hard force in the field takes the art of hand-to-hand combat straight to the enemy. Now, as the nation approaches Defcon Four, even the man/machine resources of Stony Man may not be enough to halt the onslaught of ultimate terror....


In less than twenty-four hours, half of the world's orbiting satellites have disappeared, and all defense and communication nets are breaking apart. America stands on the threshold of a double-edged disaster: nuke-wielding enemies from without and financial ruin from within. As the President prepares to declare martial law, Stony Man works feverishly to target the mysterious attacker--a fleet of killer stealth satellites--and stop the unknown enemy putting them into space. The odds are as impossible as they come...and the kind Stony Man plays best.

This is #57 in Stony Man Series.

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