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Skylar In Yankeeland

Skylar In Yankeeland


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Description for SKYLAR IN YANKEELAND by Gregory McDonald:

Skylar go home!

A rogue and a rascal--the trumpet playing, lady-killing toast of Greendowns County, Tennessee--Skylar Whitfield's talented lips have won him the affection of many a local belle. Now they've won him a scholarship to a prestigious Northern music school--which is what brings young Skylar into the home of his snooty Boston Brahmin relatives, where he is decidedly not welcome. Perhaps their disdain has something to do with the disappearance of five million dollars-worth of family "gembobs" on the very night he arrives. Or his amorous effect on some of the Beantown females, whose explicit fantasies could have dire consequences for the visiting country cousin. And, of course, there's the murder that Skylar seems involved in up to his Dixie neck...

This is #2 in Skylar Whitfield series.

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