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Slacker Girl

Slacker Girl


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Description for SLACKER GIRL by Alexandra Koslow:

A hilarious debut novel about life, love, and the pursuit of leisure

Jane Cooper is a different kind of New York woman. Charmingly unambitious in workaholic New York City, Jane believes that until corporate life was unfairly glamorized in "propaganda" films of the 1980s such as Working Girl, there were more people like her: connoisseurs of leisure. Still, a girl does have to pay the rent, so Jane finds a corporate job that supports her lifestyle. Unaware that her cute, hipster boss Ray just put his neck on the line to keep her from being fired, she and her best friend, Rebecka, take off on possibly the worst timed vacation. When Jane finds out that her commitment to slacking may be causing real world problems, she springs into action, putting even Joan Collins's character in Dynasty to shame to save her job, her company, her friendship, and her heart. Fun, edgy, and starring an irresistible heroine, this is a book for every working girl (and slacker) who has ever wanted to step outside the corporate box.

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