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Sleepless In Savannah

Sleepless In Savannah


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Description for SLEEPLESS IN SAVANNAH by Rita Herron:

As one last play for the man of her dreams, Sophie Lane put her heart on the line and convinced Lance Summers to appear on the matchmaking episode of her talk show--as a contestant. With a little behind-the-scenes maneuvering, she and the sexy developer would end up together. Then Lance pulled a fast one on her, and Sophie vowed not to lose any more sleep over him.

Lance's unbelievable attraction to Sophie threatened his treasured bachelorhood; so, when he discovered she'd rigged the game to hook him, he performed a little bait and switch of his own. Now he was free, but Sophie was on a date with someone else! Tortured by images of her with another man, Lance developed a terrible case of insomnia--one only a lifetime of nights tangling with the sassy talk show hostess would cure.

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