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Slow Larkin's Revenge

Slow Larkin's Revenge


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Description for SLOW LARKIN'S REVENGE by Christine Rimmer:

Violet Windemere stared out her parlor window ... and couldn't believe her eyes! It was Slow Larkin, the sexy rebel of her girlhood dreams--the boy she'd once adored with all her heart. Now here he was, eleven years later, just as devastatingly masculine as ever.

He'd been the bad boy of Nevada City. But now, Slow Larkin and his daughter had come home ... home to the feisty, passionate woman Slow had always loved. Never mind that she'd rejected him once before. He had plans for the prim and proper attorney... plans that would soon have Violet burning for a lifetime of Slow Larkin's irresistible brand of tender, loving revenge.

Close To Home #14, Reissue.

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