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"So Help Me, God." The Faith Of America's Presidents

"So Help Me, God." The Faith Of America's Presidents


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Description for "SO HELP ME, GOD." THE FAITH OF AMERICA'S PRESIDENTS by John McCollister:

"So help me God." With these four words, thirty-nine men voluntarily surrendered all possibilities of obscurity. For the remainder of their lives they would stand front and center on the stage of American History.

Despite our past and present efforts to make them bigger than life, each President shared the human emotions and feelings common to us all. One of these dimensions was some sort of religious conviction.

This book captures, in dramatic form, the relationship between each President and his God. It reveals some inner struggles as our Chief Executives wrestled with issues that shaped our nation. It describes how many of them were driven to their knees in prayer, thus transforming the Oval Office into a chapel.

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