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So Wild A Kiss

So Wild A Kiss


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Description for SO WILD A KISS by Nancy Richards-Akers:


Eleanor Archebold will stop at nothing -- even a marriage of convenience -- to keep her family estate from being sold to the highest bidder. And when her young siblings attempt to cast a spell to find her a husband, Eleanor is astonished by the arrival of the young English baron with whom she had spent one recklessly passionate night. In that night of soul-searing passion, he had stolen her heart. Now he has arrived to take possession of her home.


Sir Garrett Neville has never wavered in his desire to claim the land he believes to be his birthright. But he never expected that Eleanor might be part of that desire. Yet the dazzling intensity of her determined green eyes enflames his deepest passion and adds a new quest to his life's ambitions. She promised to marry him -- in name only. Yet Garrett is determined to take her wild heart and claim her as his -- body and soul.

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