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Soft Money

Soft Money


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Description for SOFT MONEY by K J A Wishnia:

Meet Filomena Buscarsela--a street-smart former cop who's finding that New York City is a far cry from her native Ecuador. She might be out of her element, but she's totally in sync with the city's crazy cross section of cultures...and crime.

Though she's left the department, Filomena Buscarsela's passion for justice burns as hot as ever. When the owner of her neighborhood bodega is murdered, and the act is dismissed as just another "ethnic" crime, Filomena has to step in. Secretly partnered with a rookie cop, she hits the streets to smoke out the trigger-happy punks. From the labyrinthine subway tunnels of upper Manhattan to the upscale enclaves that house the rich and the beautiful, Filomena follows a trail of dirty secrets and dirtier politics to track a killer through the city's danger zones....

This is #2 in a Filomena Buscarsela Mystery.

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