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Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

Author: John Farris

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 471

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Description for SOLAR ECLIPSE by John Farris:

Bruised and bleeding stuntwoman Shay Waco and her eleven-year-old daughter have just survived a car crash and a sixty-foot drop through a nest of conifers. They enter a lone house for help and instead find a family sitting around a dinner table--with bullets in their heads.

Sheriff Tobin Bonner, an ex-DEA agent with past he'd like to forget, investigated. His son has a bullet lodged in his brain, a gift from drug dealers when he was two. Tobin delves into the case, only to receive photos of his boy, alone and vulnerable on his daily outings.

Tobin and Shay must now rely on each other to solve the murder in sunny Arizona, and if they slip up, it will be their children who pay the price.

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