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Somebody's Baby

Somebody's Baby


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Description for SOMEBODY'S BABY by Elaine Kagan:


He as a bad boy, an irresistible ex-con from the wrong side of the tracks. She was a nice middle-class Jewish girl -- smart and quiet, prettier than she even knew. Will and Jenny shared a passion that defied their backgrounds and when Jenny got pregnant, they planned to elope. But on the big day something went terribly wrong .. and after the baby was born, Jenny gave her up for adoption, to a nice couple who called her Claudia and raised her as their own.

Now Claudia is all grown up. While she loves her adoptive parents, she is haunted by dreams of her "other mother." Curious to discover the truth, Claudia begins a search that will lead her to the avenues of Manhattan and the mountains of California -- to a man and woman separated by fate and time whose love for each other still burns strong ....

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