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Someone To Believe In

Someone To Believe In


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Description for SOMEONE TO BELIEVE IN by Kathryn Shay:

She has the face of an angel. But Bailey O'Neil goes where other angels fear to tread: the roughest neighborhoods of New York City. With a heart as big as the city itself, Bailey--known to some as the Street Angel--works to keep teens away from drugs and gang violence. Because she knows what it is to lose a loved one to senseless violence--and because her half-sister would have wanted her to...

It is people like Senator Clay Wainwright who really push Bailey's buttons--so she signs up to help his opponent's campaign. Although Bailey and Clay work for the same cause, their approaches are as different as uptown and downtown. But when the governor assigns both to a gang violence task force, heated discussion soon turns to fiery passion. Now, the two will have to challenge their own beliefs--but the Senator and the Street Angel are always up for a fight...

This is #1 in O'Neil Brothers Series.

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