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Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil


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Description for SPEAK NO EVIL by Rochelle Majer Krich:


The practice of law is a cutthroat profession. When a glamorous, aggressive, and widely disliked L.A. lawyer is found with her tongue cut out, it's a gruesome, but apt, demise. The leading suspect is Debra Laslow, a defense attorney who had the bad luck to exchange some sharp words with the victim on the night of her death. The daughter of an Orthodox rabbi, Debra has always tread a fine line between her moral beliefs and the dictates of her job. Now her desire to "do the right thing" has her juggling a murder charge on top of a defense job already giving her sleepless nights. The Talmud doesn't offer any reassurance if her courtroom skills help the guilty go free. But it does offer good advice on how to handle the two cases: uncover the truth. Meanwhile, a killer is sharpening knives for another lawyer--and watching Debra's every move...

This is #1 in Debra Laslow series.

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